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Project Eden

Project Eden targets children in marginalized communities. The project aims to support teachers and empower children by enhancing their 21st-century skills by improving their technological literacy, learning journey, and life skills. Giza Systems Foundation believes those children can influence and affect their community, causing a ripple of change.

This project contains four programs:

  1. Toolkits with Masr El Khair: The Toolkit Solution is a program that aims to develop and provide tools, guidance, and resources to teachers that enables them to design proactive and gamified lessons. These interactive lessons aim to create an engaging learning environment, boost the student's learning experience, and develop their 21st-century skills. To know more about our toolkits click here.

  2. Teachers Empowerment Program: This is an interactive professional development program for teachers to support them with teaching methodologies and technological applications to boost classroom engagement, manage students' behaviors, and create a professional community of practice to establish a long-term impact. 

  3. Junior Tech Ambassador: This is a 6-months long program that aims to enhance the marginalized students’ 21st-century skills by building compassionate, tech-literate, and responsible makers who are proactive and connected to their community. 

  4. Arduino Camp:  This is a one-week hands-on camp that is project-based and aims to support school students to learn electronics and Arduino programming through the learning methodology of cumulative learning.