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Welcome to Giza Systems Foundation's accelerator program for social startups!

Unlock Your Startup's Potential with Giza Systems Foundation Accelerator Program

Giza Systems Foundation Accelerator Program offers innovative Social Impact Startups an exciting opportunity to supercharge their growth. The program offers investment readiness and investor matchmaking, a blend of entrepreneurship-focused training, one-to-one expert matter advising sessions, sessions, strategic mentoring matchmaking involving industry and impact experts, and a multitude of perks and services. 

The program includes:

  • Entrepreneurship-specific training sessions 

  • Impact-specific training sessions 

  • A tailor-made one-to-one consultation  

  • Strategic mentorship matchmaking 

  • Group coaching and mentoring sessions  

  • Investment readiness  

  • Exposure to investors and investors' networking meetups 

  • Multitude of perks and services 

Eligibility Criteria: 


  • Open to startups in the early and seed stage  

  • Open to startups with social impact

Solution & Traction: 

  • Open to businesses with innovative and scalable ideas or products. 

  • Startups should have a validated MVP, indicating market validation through pilot programs, partnerships, or initial sales. 

  • Evidence of early customer traction and demand for the product or services. 


  • Startups are preferred to have two or more founders. 

  • At least one founder should be working full-time on the startup. 

  • Founders must be committed to actively participating in the acceleration program between February and May 2024. 

  • Engagement in workshops, mentoring sessions, and networking events is essential for program success. 

Why Choose Giza Systems Foundation Accelerator?

At Giza Systems Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting startups already making waves in the market. Our accelerator program stands out as a pivot for startups aiming to amplify their impact. Here is why our accelerator program shines: 

Embark on a transformative journey with the GSF Acceleration Program—a social impact accelerator crafted for high-potential startups dedicated to creating positive social change. Benefit from live training, coaching, exercises, and mentorship by industry and impact experts.  

The program aims to support up to 10 startups with social impact over sixteen weeks, tailored for early and seed-stage ventures addressing societal challenges.  

Choose Giza Systems Foundation Accelerator for more than one program; choose a dedicated platform believing in innovation's power to drive positive change. Join a community of impact-driven entrepreneurs.


Apply now and seize the comprehensive support offered by the Giza Systems Foundation Accelerator Program. Applications are open until the 30th of July 2024. 

Personal and Startup Information:

About Your Startup: 

What social Impact does your startup address? (SDG)
Which industry do you operate in?
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Product and Funding 

Funding Status

Growth Objectives

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