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About Us

Giza Systems Foundation (GSF) was founded in 2013 as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Giza Systems (GS), and registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity as a functional non-profit, non-governmental organization seeking to combat ignorance and poverty in the most marginalized areas in Egypt using technology and technical expertise. GF aims to support three main communities which are:

             1 )    People with Disabilities (Nitrous

             2 )    Marginalized Women (Graphene)

             3 )    Underprivileged Children (Eden Project)

We recognize that advancements in technology continue to cause ripple changes and disruptions in many industries. We also believe that technology will continue to be an integral part of the daily lives of future generations. Therefore, we use technology and its potential to address societal concerns to reduce the digital divide and facilitate the development of our communities. GF also follows United Nation's Social Developmental Goals #4, #10, #12, and #17.

Also, GSF is a special type of social incubator that is located in Cairo, Suhag, and Fayoum. It develops concepts for potential social projects and nurtures them from concept (initiation) to scalability. That is what makes it special.

Giza Systems Foundation’s sustainability is built on three main aspects: Social, Technical, and Financial.

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