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Job Description

Community Engagement Specialist FabLab Fayoum

Work with lab communication engagement specialist, program manager and Public Relation of the foundation to increase outreach of the FabLab Fayoum, documentation, engagement, and connecting Fablab with the public community of different ages and disciples. While administering lab activity logistics.


Outreach and engagement responsibilities:

  1. Generate a pool of community members, volunteers, beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders, and keep records of their contacts and information.

  2. Perform market research and survey of local community needs and available opportunities.

  3. Work with community engagement specialist to develop formal initiatives and partnerships and collaboration between the Foundation and third parties.

  4. Work with the project manager to support the online presence and the social media pages to create a maximum outreach.

  5. Announce schedules of activities and advertise documentation material in all agreed upon channels (meetings, online, calls, visits..etc) to ensure maximum outreach.

  6. Facilitate physical and online public engagement with the lab.

  7. Act as the point of contact for internal and external clients.

  8. Maintain and facilitate the engagement plan with community members, beneficiaries, partners, and stakeholders via agreed upon channels; emails, phones, social media, etc.

  9. Documentation of activities.

Personal Skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Very Good communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills.

  • Very good at business writing and developing reports and proposals.

  • Good relationship building and good team player.

  • Good command of English

  • Excellent MS use skills

Technical Skills

  •  Business writing skills

  •  Good knowledge of digital marketing

  •  Knowledge of marketing and market research techniques

  •  0-1 years of experience in communication, public relations or similar responsibility.


  • Bachelor Degree in any discipline, preferably mass communication

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